What are your
business decisions
based upon?

We hope it is not your mood, mere experience or strong intuition only.
At Crosspoint, we help you take the right business decisions with
top level Business Intelligence and
Customer Relationship Management solutions
to maximise sales and minimise risk.

Business Intelligence

Isn't it about time you really get to know your business?

We offer knowledge and insights in your business operations to enable better business decisions.

Customer Relationship Management

We help you decide what Customer Relations Management solutions provides real value and guide you through every step of your project, from the CRM tool selection, to implementation and training to


Top stories




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Service: Business Intelligence
Client: TBI
Company: Agiliz


Service: Customer Relationship Management
Client: DCDCD
Company: At Once

A.S.Adventure eliminates paper from after sales with Dynamics CRM

Service: Customer Relationship Management
Client: A.S.Adventure
Company: Infront

In the sales point, the shop assistant makes a file through an online module. The headquarters sees the file immediately in the work list. There is no more need for carbonless paper, nor the need for retyping it in Excel. Everything is centrally stored in CRM, where everyone finds the product status and the communication with the suppliers. Therefore Infront integrated Microsoft Office 365 with CRM software.

Your database query speeds 5 times quicker

Service: Business Intelligence
Client: BICS
Company: Kohera

BICS, an affiliate of the Belgacom Group, offers wholesale telecommunication solutions to communication service providers worldwide. BICS needed to boost its database performance and increase availability for its internal collaboration application. The firm implemented a Microsoft database management and high-availability solution. As a result, the company can perform database queries five times faster and can sustain continued business growth. BICS will also be able to ensure higher availability for tis critical employee application.


Financial Software

Service: Business Intelligence
Client: Wolters Kluwer Financial Services
Company: Kohera

The new BI module allows end users to analyse data and design and generate reports themselves from within the familiar Excel environment. Thanks to the self-services BI, the IT department no longer has a deal with every user request and users can respond quickly to new business needs.